Purchase Guideline

purchase information:

  • If you receive our products, you may log in our forum, and voice your opinion about the products in the "commodity feedback" . no matter how is your evaluation, you will get high points. Please do remember to  fill the commodity code in.
  • Our company offer direct selling products for wooden ship model players all around the world.
  • There are model kits  of all kinds here. in addition, there are tools and plans which are with highperformance-price ratio for making model for choosing.
  • If you select a product and want to buy it. please click "contact us" and send the commodity code
  • and the amount you want to us. or you can directly send e-mails to the address: modelshipkit@gmail.com
  • Here is an example:  KML01*1piece and KMM04*3piece.

1. Because the products we offer are damageable, we only can offer airtransportation instead of shipping. 

2. We will make out the total price of the goods and the postage in one working day according to the

information yo offered. and then send a reply to you.

3. Since the situations are different from country to country. the postage is difficult to be normalized. even  

in the same city of the same country, the postage will be slightly different. to postage we choose the way

of offering the price after the clients give us the addresses to us. we will offer the fairest price to each client.

4. All the goods will be sent from Hongkong or Shenzhen to different places.

5. If you agree on our quotation, please send us your paypal email address. we will send the payment

information to you immediately. to guarantee the trade, please pay through paypal.


Notes: if you do not have a paypal  account, we can only choose bank telegraphic transfer. we will

send the bank information after you confirm to buy.

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